Floor Levelling And Repair Specialists

Uneven floors often result in cracking, joint separation, or sloped surfaces. Unbudgeted cost for tilling companies due to over use of tile adhesives can result into disputes and can effect warranties to workmanship. Luckily, they can be corrected in a couple of ways by using specialised cementous products which can be used from 0 mm thickness and above. Vinyl and laminate floor sub base requires a high quality of levelling and finish which can be achieved by our tested remedial works on new and old floor surfaces.

Polyurethane / Epoxy Flooring Applications

We use the best products in market which best suits your requirements. Ensure least bacterial built up in in your butchery, bakery or wash bay’s by using Polyurethane/Epoxy finishes on your floor.

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Decorative Flooring Products

Firmarox has a wide range of decorative floor finishes that are ideal for interior/exterior floors which are both beautiful and durable. These finishes ad quality, warmth and a personal characteristic to your homes and lodges.

Polished Concrete

This is an timeless and durable concrete floor finish. New technology has allowed for unlimited possibilities in ways concrete surfaces aggregates can be exposed for an spectacular finish. We can produce beautiful floors, pool copings and counter top slabs finishes.

Screed Applications

Is the screed on your floor delaminating from the substrate? We understand the bonding technology between concrete surfaces and can guarantee quality and level screed installations. We use only tested products in the market to ensure firm bonding in difficult situations.


Firmarox started in 2011 as a small company specialising in decorative floor coatings mainly using Cemcrete products. Firmarox established itself mainly in the lodge market fixing and applying decorative floors in Sabi Sands and various other private lodges. This includes Londolozi, Leadwood, Savana, Exeter, Leopard Hills and Nedbank private lodge in Welgevonden to mention a few.